We are a new company making chutneys and relishes in small batches in our kitchen.
This means that each batch may be slightly different in colour or consistency but, never fear, the taste will still be a treat for your taste buds.

Here are a few notes on each flavour with a few ideas of what you could try them with.

We're sure you'll find many more great taste combinations, if so, why not share them with us on facebook, the link is at the foot of the page and again on the contact page. 

Chilli Carrot

With the red chilli tingling on your tongue it goes well with your poppodoms as a change from mango chutney, but why not try it with soft cheese on a bagel or to spice up your smoked fish.


 Spicy Tomato

Good as a dip with it’s soft consistency it also lends itself to spicing up your tortilla wraps, fish and chips or, for a change, why not slather it on a chicken breast before popping it in the oven, adds a nice tang.

Beetroot and Beer

Don’t worry, the beer is there just to add a depth to the flavour and doesn’t count towards your alcohol units! It does serve as a good partner for the traditional ploughman’s  though, as well as all your favourite cheese and cooked meats. Pork pies love it and if they are not your thing then it also cheers up cheese spread on a simple cracker or crispbread.


A sweet piccalilli, although it still has the traditional sharpness, it’s ideal with cheese, perhaps an extra mature Cheddar or Shropshire Blue? I’m sure you’ll find your favourite. It also goes well with ham or other cold meats in a salad or sandwich.

Caramelised Onion

I’m sure this is one you’ll have your own ideas for but with a burger instead of, or as well as, fried onions is a good one. Try it with hummus to put in your pitta or just use it to add another dimension to sausage and mash.

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